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Oct 03
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I was very honored to receive an email from one of the admins for Frixshun Magazine. When Errol contacted me I secretly did a happy dance. Well, maybe it wasn’t so secret because I was at my desk and dancing a bit. But seriously, the team that makes up Frixshun previously ran the website Eat More Shoes which was one of my go-to sites on a weekly basis. Their reviews and history of Pumas was very special. I have always respected Errol and Professor B and their takes on sneakers.

When they asked I was very nerous. I have been asked to write about salsa dancing many times and am very comfortable with doing that because I know so much. But sneakers? Pumas? That’s a whole other thing. While I do consider myself more knowledgeable than the average Puma fan, I knew that I would still have my work cut out for me. My first review was for the Puma Blue Bird – my Holy Grail of shoes.

I am happy to say that so far they have published both reviews. I have another on the way and will be taking photos of my own shoes soon to add to their collection. I would highly recommend heading over to their site to see everything they offer. It isn’t just shoes. It is fashion. Music. Culture. They also have a limited edition Puma Poster for sale that is pretty special.

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Dec 11

Puma Boots

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A couple of years ago I opened this big box and what to my wondering eyes did appear?  Black fuzzy Puma boots! I didn’t even know at that time that Puma made boots. Now they are pretty common and Puma is always releasing new styles. I’ve seen a few at the Outlets but they haven’t interested me that much. They were shorter and shorter boots on me make me look stumpy. These boots are pretty! The fuzziness is terribly cute and they look fantastic. I almost always get compliments on them when I wear them.

There are a few downsides to these boots. 

  •  The calf opening is small. When I first tried them on I was sure I was going to have to return them. I have thick calves. Thankfully they are lace up boots (my usual choice) and I can unlace them enough to get them zipped up! It is tough over some jeans though. It takes work. I often break a sweat (no lie!). But I shove my calves in there and they look ok.
  •  They aren’t warm. They look warm. They feel like they will be but they really aren’t.  At least not in super cold weather. I can wear them for my winters though because it truly doesn’t get that cold here in Virginia. I think some of their newer styles are created more for warmth than just style.
  •  The comfort level is somewhat low. Again, it could be that I have to shove these on my legs but my feet do hurt after wearing these for a couple of hours. I don’t wear them that often so it isn’t like they are worn out. They don’t have the orth-lite soles. I suppose I could replace the insoles and maybe that would help but it isn’t a big deal considering I’m never wearing them all day long.

Overall these are great boots.  I feel like they won’t ever go out of style and will always look cute! Plus my daughter’s legs are so skinny that she can’t even borrow them so no worries there. I would like to get another pair of Puma boots. Perhaps next year I’ll look for boots instead of using my cash on sneakers. Maybe.

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Apr 22

I snapped this photo the other day at Chuck E Cheese. It isn’t as in focus as I would have liked but I was trying to be sly. I figure that couples that wear Pumas together – stay together.

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Apr 20

Undefeated Ballistic Rugged Pastels for Puma

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Sigh. What happens when Undefeated releases a new set of beautiful Pumas for spring and they don’t have my size? I get sad. Jealous. Envious. All of that. Look at those colors. Gorgeous. I’ve been watching Undefeated release them on Instagram all week and then I had the link sent to me with “Which would you like for Mother’s Day?”  Sadly… none.

I don’t understand why Undefeated won’t make shoes in sizes for women. Don’t we buy enough? Do men really buy more sneakers than women? And honestly, I don’t know that many men who will buy Pumas in these colors. The man in my house said he’d never wear them – except maybe the gray or orange.

Personally, I would want the yellow or green ones since I already have purple suede Pumas. However, these don’t even come in men’s size 5 (my size).  Please Puma… Undefeated… the powers that be – please consider releasing shoes for women. I was lucky enough to grab the snakeskin ones since they had unisex sizes. I’d purchase these in a heartbeat but it is a sale lost.

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