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Jul 07

Arsenal and Puma joining forces on the soccer field.[/caption]Have you been watching the World Cup? If you aren’t then you are probably the only one. The Cup has been exciting – so many fantastic games. We were all disappointed USA didn’t do better but their group with Germany, Ghana, and Portugal was probably the toughest group. I thought they did well considering. While watching the games it was clear which countries had the best jerseys – the ones made by Puma. Throughout Twitter people were commenting on how nice they looked. I would have to rate Ghana’s as the best though. I thought their jersey truly captured their culture. If I could find one made for women (Puma, come on!) I would probably buy one even though I really shouldn’t.

Now Puma and Aresenal have come together and the new Arsenal jerseys are great. Some have the opinion that Puma makes their jerseys too tight. Well, techincally they are made for the athletes so they don’t have any troubles with that aspect. However, if you are going to want to wear one I might suggest going up a size if you are worried about fit. They are very form-fitting.

Arsenal football jerseys

Some of my friends have been asking if I’ll become an Arsenal fan now that Puma is making their kits. No. No I won’t. I am not someone who has teams in every league. I’m simply a DC United, Detroit City FC, and Real Madrid fan. So I won’t be purchasing Arsenal gear any time soon. I have heard rumors that my son’s soccer club, FC Virginia, will be sponsored by Puma so that does excite me and I may need to get one of his jerseys in my size.

I think that between the World Cup and Arsenal, Puma may be taking over a bigger chunk of the football sales. Their shoes are already terrific – there were many wearing the pink/blue EvoSpeeds even when their kits weren’t made by Puma. I know that my son loves their cleats the best. Puma and soccer go hand-in-hand and the company seems ready to prove it.

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Apr 25

Sure, I love Puma shoes. I find them the most comfortable & stylish shoes out there. However, I also have Puma other stuff too. I walk into the Outlet stores often to see what I can pick up for a good deal. So hoodies, sweatshirts, yoga pants, socks, and even bikinis are all items I own. One of the reasons I love Puma is that I always know what will fit. All the pants I have are the same size. I don’t have to worry about trying them on because they are consistent with their sizing. The same goes for the shoes. A size 6 1/2 is always a size 6 1/2. Unlike other brands that vary from one style to another I never have to worry.

Yesterday I wore my pink Crete Mid shoes with my “All you need is [soccer]” sweatshirt. They were both purchased from the Puma outlet store (not at the same time of course). Also, I don’t really wear my pants rolled up – they are rolled up to show off the shoes for the photo. I’d feel like a dork walking around like that. I see some chicks like that but it isn’t really my thing.

It’ll probably come across that pink is my favorite color. I have been trying lately, though, to purchase shoes in other colors but they are really the ones I like best. They tend to match more of my clothes too.

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