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Dec 07

Pumas: The Doctor’s Choice?

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I recently injured my foot. It was either too much training, running uphill in a 5K, or a combination of both.  Regardless, I hurt my foot. I have to wear this really attractive sandal/shoe thing for a month.


I went to the Doctor wearing one of the ‘original’ discs (from when they were first re-released two years ago). He commented that most shoes aren’t supportive enough…and then he saw the discs. He picked it up and said, “This is a great shoe!” I took him at his work and have started to wear my discs to work.

puma discs tropicalia

Thankfully, Puma sent out their Friends & Family discount. I was very excited about the extra 20% off at the Outlets. I really needed a new pair of track tights & as always, want to browse the back shelf of discounted shoes. Lo and behold, there was a pair of the Sun-Faded pink tropical discs. I had really wanted them when they were released but couldn’t afford them. I noticed they were a size 6 – a half size smaller than what I wear. I didn’t let that stop me. I slid the left one on and of course it fit. Discs tend to run a tad big and wide so the 6 fits fine.

Sun faded pink puma discs

So now you know. When your doctor tells you that you need more supportive shoes, look to the Puma discs. Their sole is incredible (as I’ve written about numerous times) and you can twist them pretty tight to give full support to your foot. I’m wearing my around the house since I can’t wear the outside shoe/sandal thing.

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May 16

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I believe I spent the better part of 2013 begging Puma to release discs for women. I loved the pairs I purchased but the men’s sizes ran a bit wide. The wider size required me turning the disc the entire way to get a good fit. I knew that if they would design styles for women that they’d fit me perfectly. I like to think Puma listened to me as 2014 has been an incredible year for the discs. This post will focus on two releases although has a number of new styles for women and they are all really great looking.

The first release was the Blaze of Glory: Women. Puma hired Solange Knowles as Creative Consultant for this line. Solange, as well as three other designers, produced a collection full of color. I can honestly say there is not another collection out there in the sneaker world that is quite like this one. The other designers involved were Gerlan Jeans, William Okpo, and Hisham Bharoocha. I can’t say that each of the designs works for me. I generally prefer just two or three colors on one shoe and two of the designs just had too much going on. One style stood out from the rest and that is the one featured in the image gallery – “Tire”. The color-blocking on this shoe works well and the sole design is very cute and eye-catching.

The next release was the Tropicalia collection. Puma’s whole Tropicalia line is superb. The colors, the patterns, and the styles available are all beautiful. At first I couldn’t decide if I should get one of the Blaze of Glory discs or a Tropicalia. Thankfully my kids bought me the Tropicalia for Mother’s Day so problem solved. The style showcased in the image gallery is a white/teal combination. I really love it. In fact, it seems many do because that image went viral on Instagram and received 400 likes. Crazy. The shoe also comes in a black/pink combination that is also really nice (and probably better if you’re worried about getting the white dirty like me).

I have reviewed the discs in the past but let me just comment on how comfortable these shoes are. They are almost like pillows for your feet. I would highly recommend these for anyone who needs to be on their feet all day. If you need a wider shoe these are also a great choice. You control the fit by turning the disc so if you’d like to keep them wider that isn’t a problem.

I can’t wait to see what other styles Puma releases in the future. Right now on the site they have some great colorways that are more basic – black, magenta, etc. If you’re looking for something a little less flashy those would be a great choice.

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Mar 10

Puma Shoes in Miami: Uptown Aventura

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My new Girls of Blaze Discs!
Visit Inside the Sneakerbox today!
Go check out Uptown’s site!

Twitter has been a goldmine for me in terms of connecting with other sneaker and Puma lovers. One of my best, new-ish contacts is Clyde Edwards, aka, SneakerboxClyde. He is the Creative Director Digital Strategist for Uptown Aventura (one of Inside the Sneakerbox’s clients). He also runs his own site where he “helps companies harness, curate and promote their stories about their brands/products”. Needless to say he has a great many shoes from Puma that make me green with envy.

I received my first pair of Puma Discs for Christmas in 2012. They were like walking on air and I kept hoping Puma would release styles for women. The men’s sizes were a bit wide for me and that made them difficult to wear. Soon enough they made the announcement and teamed with Solange Knowles (who worked with designers Gerlan, William Okpo, Hisham Baroocha) to create the Girls of Blaze collection. At the same time, Puma also released their Tropicalia collection with included two cute tropical designs for the discs. What a decision…

I saw that Clyde was posting photos of the collection in connection with the Uptown Aventura store. I have been to Miami quite a few times and, honestly, I need to get back just to visit this store. I was happy to see that they carried many of of Mihara and McQueen designs that are often difficult to find in the states. That is a sign of a quality store. As I decided which disc I wanted to get, I consulted with Clyde. I asked him which style he would choose as a woman. He said the Girls of Blaze just for their originality and how they would stand out. He wasn’t wrong.

Initially I wasn’t floored by the collection but there was one style that did catch my eye. I took the plunge and grabbed that disc. I woke up on a Saturday morning, opened the Uptown’s site with my phone, and made the purchase. It was super easy and I was done before I had to leave for bootcamp at 7:45 am. As I was making my purchase I was so tempted to grab the new wedges by Mihara (totally cute for wedges). For men, the Street Climb III by McQueen is a really cool shoe. These are all designs that are difficult to find elsewhere in the states.

The next time you are looking for a special Puma by one of the great Black Label designers, check out the Uptown. Also be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @uptown_miami. A big thank you to Clyde as well for always being willing to share his opinion and respond to tweets!

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May 14

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Instagram has been the most fantastic place for meeting and getting to know fellow lovers of the Puma brand. There are those who collect only suedes. Some focus on the Clydes. When I first found Imran’s Instagram page I felt happy to find someone who wasn’t the average Puma collector. He had shoes no one else had and I liked that. Imran lives in the UK (outside of London) and owns his own business. It involves fast cars which makes me jealous. Lately he’s been adding the best shoes to his collection – read about which ones those are and learn more about my Puma friend.

Of course I always want to know, “Why Puma?” Here in the United States we are bombarded by Nike so finding a fellow Puma lover is always exciting. I imagine over in the UK and Europe it is probably a little easier. Imran replied, “Many people ask me this question. Normally collectors of other brands don’t get why you would collect/buy sometime else! I guess I just find the designs aesthetically pleasing – that’s the main thing. As a teenager I was into Nike’s but I think they lost their way with the air model after the Air Max 97. At that time I had only owned Puma football boots [soccer cleats for you Americans] and a pair of OG Puma Discs. I was looking around for sometime different and found some Puma Sprints and then Mostros – both of which I owned multiple colorways of.” As a co-owner of Evolve Automotive he added, “Puma also has a strong association with motorsport and as I am also a petrolhead it suits me!” As you follow Imran’s Instagram feed you’ll also see he is quite the fashionista and puts together very nice outfits. About his clothes he commented, “Apart from the Puma sneakers I also have a lot of Puma clothing/accessories and especially love the collab pieces from Hussein Chalayan and Fake London Genius.”

Imran Puma Disc CollectionAt the moment Imran has 25 pairs of Pumas. I’d say that about half of those are Puma Discs. I asked him why the Discs? He said, “I like a lot of the colourways (not all!) and they are ultra comfortable. I like the fact that they are bit different and not many non-sneaker fans know what they are. As they become more popular that will change but until then I will enjoy them fully.” I like to think I turned him onto the red and yellow discs that are in his collection. I remember his first response being something about them being bright. Well they look terrific.

In addition to the liking Discs Imran says this about the styles he seeks: “I like a wide range of them but I do like to hunt out collabs (Beams, Millerain, Ronnie Fieg), Japan only releases, limited editions or Puma Black Label sneakers (Alexander McQueen/Hussein Chalayan). Part of the enjoyment for me is finding hard to find sneakers. I do have more discs than anything at the moment. I loved my first pair in the 90’s – I guess they were too advanced at the time but seem to be getting more popular this time around.”

Some upcoming releases that has Imran excited are “the all white discs with red accents that were previewed in Project Las Vegas”. He added, “Also I have heard that Puma are releasing a Disc Bubble Tech Pack. If that is true then I can’t wait to see what they look like and if the colourways are good for me I’ll be copping for sure.” I think we’ll all be excited to see that shoe and how it will look/function. Whatever Pumas he picks up you can be sure that he will be wearing them. Some collectors like to put shoes away and keep them safe. Imran says, “I buy to wear not store and collect although there is nothing wrong with that. Everything gets worn eventually! I obviously wear the limited edition less and when its dry. I have the normal Pumas to wear as beaters.”

If you’re ever visiting UK/London you should be sure to check out the following spots recommended by Imran: In the UK we are lucky to have the Pumatwentyone store which has some limited releases – they are not online though which makes it a bit difficult for me as I have to take half a day out to go to London to visit. Stores like Footpatrol, End, Hanon Shop and The Business Fashion have carried limited release Pumas. Of course the Puma official online store is a good place to pick up some pieces. I visit Las Vegas every year for business and always take time out to go to the Outlet Store there.

A big Thank You to Imran for sharing his love of Pumas with me. Please be sure to check him out on Instgram and give him a ton of Likes.

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Feb 13

Puma Discs at the GymI first read about Puma Discs in an article by Sneaker Freaker that talked about the world’s craziest sneakers without laces. I had never heard of them and honestly, the first time I saw them, I wondered why anyone would want some. I thought they looked bulky even though the colorway shown was pretty awesome. The one featured was from 1994. In 1994 I was graduating college and getting married to some idiot and moving myself to Maryland. I didn’t know anything about sneakers or shoes (nor could I afford any).

In 2011 Puma re-released the Discs.  In 2012 more styles were shown and they had a collaboration with Ronny Fieg.  The Fieg design sold out fast and is coveted by many sneaker collectors.  There was no way for me to afford that style but for Christmas I was given the white/green style was is available in the stores and online. When I opened the box my kids both said, “Wow! Those are ugly!” as I squealed with delight. I slipped them on immediately and instantly knew why people loved them – they felt like pillows on my feet.  Granted the size was wrong so I had to return them and had to wait anxiously for the new size to arrive.

The Discs aren’t made for women. They come in small sizes so I was able to get a men’s size 5 but it is clear they are definitely sized for men as they are wide. That could be how they are designed because of the wire cage that tightens as you turn the disc. Perhaps I’m not turning it enough or they are just wider than the average shoe. My foot slips around a little bit in them. I try to wear thick socks and turn the discs as much as possible so that doesn’t happen.

I have started wearing the Discs to a bootcamp I’m doing 3 x a week. I have switched between the Discs, the Formlites, and my Faas 250s. The Discs are the best ones so far. During the bootcamp I’m running, jumping, doing pushups, lunges, etc. The wide variety of exercises means I need different types of comfort for my feet and my knees. Especially my knees. The Discs offer everything I need. The downside to the Discs? The rubber part that holds the disc. You can see it circled here. I would really love it if this piece of rubber was softer somehow. When I run it bumps into my foot and is bothersome. I don’t run long distances or anything so it is fine but I’d never suggest anyone use these as a running shoe because of it. Overall though the shoe is perfect for crossing training if you can turn the disc and get a tight fit.

I definitely would like to get another pair of discs. I hate getting my shoes dirty and although I hear these are easy to clean – they will get dirty from the bootcamp. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of options and, as usual, Puma hasn’t made any specifically for women. The colors available (except for the special Fieg release) aren’t exactly “girly colors”. I have been spending some time researching shoes in Japan and I saw that they have excellent colors.

As you can see Japan has a variety of colors. I’m very partial to the pink design because pink is my favorite color. I don’t know if we’ll ever get these colorways in the United States. I hope that Puma realizes that these shoes could be marketed to women easily and that using colors that appeal to women would boost their sales. Maybe I don’t know anything but I know fitness and I know how women think about sneakers. They want to look good at the gym. I notice that each of the women in my bootcamp have shoes that are colorful, bright, and include pink somewhere. No one has asked about my sneakers but I bet if they were pink they would!

Overall the Puma Discs are great shoes. People may find them ugly (I think it was my cousin who commented that they were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shoes) but if they tried them on they would find an incredibly comfortable shoe that is fantastic for cross training.

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