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Jun 12

Sophia Chang’s “Brooklynite” Collection for Puma

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People seem pretty hyped about this new Sophia Chang collection. Not only does it seem Sophia has created some really beautiful, unique designs but many are for women. Puma’s last release for women – the Girls of Blaze collection of discs – was very popular. The fact is women want shoes designed for them that are as good as what the men get. As of late, Puma has had releases without sizes for women. I’m not interested in every collection that gets released. I am not one who needs to purchase shoes all of the time but I sure would like the option. The rumors are out there that Puma will be releasing a lot more just for women and that’s exciting. More designs are being released all of the time. So far I have seen Baskets, Discs, Disc Wedge, and now these mids. I believe the Discs are for sale in Europe right now.

This is the first basket I saw. It is very cool.

Thanks Nick Kicks


I just saw this pink Basket in the collection. I’m floored – it is so beautiful. Women deserve this type of shoe. It is classic, beautiful, and isn’t a wedge. I will definitely be getting this shoe because 1 – it is pink and 2 – it is a Basket which is really my favorite style I think.

sophia chang basket brooklynite


Look at this mid! The collection releases in September and I image these will sell out quickly.

Brooklynite Sophia Chang Puma Mids

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May 12

My White Puma Basket Shoes

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Puma Sneakers White BasketAh these shoes… I love them. They match everything and are comfortable. I believe I found these like two years ago at the Outlets for $20. Yup. Just $20. The black and white appealed to me because I always love having a pair of sneakers that match everything and anything. These are Puma “Basket”.  I recently cleaned them up (Mr. Clean Eraser) and my mom thought they were brand new! That’s why it is always important to keep the sneakers clean and fresh! It isn’t always possible but with these type of Pumas they clean up really well.

These are women shoes. So good job Puma! Keep giving us women some great designs that can equal what you produce for the boys.

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