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Jun 12

Sophia Chang’s “Brooklynite” Collection for Puma

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People seem pretty hyped about this new Sophia Chang collection. Not only does it seem Sophia has created some really beautiful, unique designs but many are for women. Puma’s last release for women – the Girls of Blaze collection of discs – was very popular. The fact is women want shoes designed for them that are as good as what the men get. As of late, Puma has had releases without sizes for women. I’m not interested in every collection that gets released. I am not one who needs to purchase shoes all of the time but I sure would like the option. The rumors are out there that Puma will be releasing a lot more just for women and that’s exciting. More designs are being released all of the time. So far I have seen Baskets, Discs, Disc Wedge, and now these mids. I believe the Discs are for sale in Europe right now.

This is the first basket I saw. It is very cool.

Thanks Nick Kicks


I just saw this pink Basket in the collection. I’m floored – it is so beautiful. Women deserve this type of shoe. It is classic, beautiful, and isn’t a wedge. I will definitely be getting this shoe because 1 – it is pink and 2 – it is a Basket which is really my favorite style I think.

sophia chang basket brooklynite


Look at this mid! The collection releases in September and I image these will sell out quickly.

Brooklynite Sophia Chang Puma Mids

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Apr 04

I remember when Puma first unveiled these Slipstream Animals. I wanted them immediately. I love animal print on shoes and I had missed out on the leopard print suedes from Japan and didn’t want to miss out on these. When the time came for Puma to release them I was excited that they were in my size. Unfortunately, for me, I didn’t have the money to buy them right when they came out. By the time I did have the money, they were sold out in my size. THANK YOU Puma for making these available in sizes for women. Your female sneaker fans appreciate it.

So I held a small pity party for myself and purchased the Animal Suedes in purple which are also beautiful shoes. I still checked my regular sites for my sizes and finally, one day on, I got lucky. They had more in my size! I purchased them immediately.

The shoes run large – at least for me in a men’s size 5. I will have to remember to wear thicker socks or maybe even two pairs with these. I won’t be able to wear these for a long day because of the width but for those who have wider feet these will be comfortable. The sole is great and the look of them? Outstanding. The animal “fur” is so nice. It is soft and you can still see the print in detail from a distance. It has quality leather and the tongue… the tongue is outstanding. I always lace my shoes up all the way – even my mids. It is just more comfortable to me. There is just no way laces should go over the tongue of this shoe. You can see from my closeup how great it is.

Overall I am super happy with the quality of the shoe. The Slipstream Animals were worth the wait (the best ones are).

Also in the photos: Puma running hoodie (lightweight & so comfortable) and Puma leggings in black.

Still want a pair for yourself? You can find them on sale (larger sizes only at: (in a beautiful teal color)

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Mar 31

Today’s post is going to help you figure out which women out there truly are the coolest Chicks in Kicks. There is a big segment of the sneaker world where ‘Chicks in Kicks’ means half-dressed women (or naked) in various sneakers in provacative poses. Thankfully there are numerous females out in social media proving that women can showcase their heat without relying on sex.

Go out and make sure you follow each of these accounts! I have had interactions with all of them and appreciate them. #GirlPower I’ve posted each of their instagram thumbnails but have linked their sites, twitter accounts, etc. in the blurb (click on the thumbnail for a larger version with commentary/links). If there’s another great woman out there everyone should follow please leave a comment!

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Oct 16

Photo by Puma


Sigh. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m not a model. I’m not even close. I’m short-ish. I’m only 5’4. I’m thick-ish. My legs are not skinny – especially not my calves. Does it bother me? Nope! I am pretty pleased with my looks. I work out. I am in pretty good shape even if I still have 10 lbs or so to lose.

That being said – I sure wish I could wear shoes the way I see models wear shoes. I love the look of hi-tops with shorts. I like seeing models in shorts with the Puma wedges. I like seeing them paired with dresses too. They make it look so cute!!! I can’t.

I recently bought a pair of black Puma leggins. I love them. They are a tad long for me – I could have probably gone a size down – but they are very comfy. I bought these for a couple of reasons but one of the main reasons was to wear them with hi-tops and my one pair of wedges. So I got dressed this past weekend. I had bought a shirt that I felt was long enough for the leggings and wasn’t tight. I finished the outfit with my First Round hi’s. My daughter took a look at me and told me to go change. This is a rare thing. My daughter never tells me this so I figured I had better. I changed into jeans and put on my Evo Speeds as well. I felt bad.

This woman on this page looks so amazing with her wedges. She doesn’t seem that tall in the photos. And she isn’t stick-thin. So why can’t I wear that same outfit and look just as cute? I’m sure it lies somewhere between the size of my thighs (athletic) and age. Right? Let’s all lean towards age shall we?

I do wish I could have Puma come and dress me and fix me up so I could be like the models. I so badly want to wear my hi’s more because I love them. So what other options do I have? Can I just wear them and not care? Sure. Can I just give into my insecurities and only wear them the traditional way with jeans? Yes. I may do both.

Any suggestions??

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Nov 02

Birthday Pumas

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Happy Birthday to me!

Turning 41 isn’t exactly my idea of a fantastic birthday. I don’t like to think of myself as 41. I don’t feel 41. I don’t really think I look 41. But I’ve come to accept it. Kind of.

Anyway…. I decided to buy myself some Pumas. Big surprise, right? I had found these Pearls on a long time ago. I saw them and wanted them. I love the color, the design on in the insole, and thought they were unique. It wasn’t too long ago though that Puma had announced their Puma Factory. I really want to design my own and order those so I was debating on which direction I should take. Some Puma friends said make my own. Others said to order the Pearls. I finally, obviously, decided on the Pearls. I’ll make my own Pumas soon. Now I just need to find the right shirt/clothes to wear with this mint green color.


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Jun 26

My Pumas from Spain

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pumas from SpainA few years ago I made a two week trip to Spain. It was pretty awesome.  I went to so many different cities it would be ridiculous to list them all. I was able to see where Real Madrid played (I still kick myself for not trying to get inside – I think we just walked by but I should have tried). I ate great food – a ton of different kinds of ham and cheese which made me fat. I saw really old stuff. I also shopped. I really didn’t buy any clothes because quite honestly the sizes were weird and I felt fat in that country.

I had been worried about shoes. They always warn Americans, “Don’t just wear sneakers in Europe – it is a dead give away that you’re American and you’ll look ridiculous.”  Well I didn’t want to look ridiculous but I wasn’t going to leave them at home either. Naturally I took my Pumas (a pair to be featured later) along with some incredible Börn sandals. As I walked around Madrid I noticed one thing – Pumas were the sneaker of choice. All that talk that Europeans don’t wear sneakers went out the door. I felt free to wear mine. Now I did stick out because apparently they don’t wear shorts. I wore my shorts and just dealt with the stares.

One day we were down near the beach and went into this big store full of beach wear, clothes, and sneakers. So many sneakers. I had been looking for some red and white Pumas for awhile but hadn’t seen any I liked. Plus, it seemed that most of the time they didn’t make them for women. I went upstairs and it was like a beam of light came out of the sky and landed on the pair featured here. I loved them. Although I’m not fluent in Spanish (especially in Spain) I am pretty good where shopping is concerned. The sales woman brought me my size and they fit perfectly. I believe they were about $80 in Euros but I knew that no one in the States would have a similar pair.

 I keep these fairly clean and they still look good 4 years later. They are comfortable and people always comment on them. I like that they are unique and stand out!

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Jun 25

I have moments when I buy Pumas because I love how they look.  I think we all do that – we see a shoe and it speaks to us. Or we decide we need a shoe in navy because, well, we don’t have one in that color. I often browse shoes with that in mind. Then there are those times when you just need a comfortable shoe. Granted, it helps a whole lot if that shoe also looks good.

One day I was wandering DSW as I often do. I walk around the store dreaming of all the shoes I’d like to own but can never afford to buy. I try on the outrageous heels. I try on the flats that just are boring to me. And sometimes I make it to the back where the sneakers are kept. I don’t go back there that often because it isn’t like they are going to have Clydes or suedes. They focus mostly on athletic shoes.  However, I walked back there just to see what Pumas they might have and I saw these brown Pumas. First, I didn’t have any dark brown Pumas. I figured that’s a good color to have. Second, I liked the fuschia accents on the shoes. I love pink so that’s cool. Third, I turned them over and saw that the soles were smooth. I actually thought that perhaps they might work for dancing because of the soles. So I tried them on. Wow. Total comfort.

I walked around a bit in the shoes and went back and forth on if I should buy them. They were fairly cheap so price wasn’t the issue. I don’t buy just to buy. Money is precious – I don’t want to part with it just on a whim. I took off the shoes and left the store.   Needless to say I was back the next day buying the shoes. I couldn’t pass up the comfort. As it turned out, they aren’t ready for the dance floor. The sole is the type of rubber that grips. I can’t spin in the shoes so until I wear them around a bit and smooth out the sole, I can’t dance in them.  I would say they are the most comfortable Pumas I have ever owned.  I don’t wear them too much because I want them to stay comfortable. Kudos Puma for a very fine shoe!!

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May 12

My White Puma Basket Shoes

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Puma Sneakers White BasketAh these shoes… I love them. They match everything and are comfortable. I believe I found these like two years ago at the Outlets for $20. Yup. Just $20. The black and white appealed to me because I always love having a pair of sneakers that match everything and anything. These are Puma “Basket”.  I recently cleaned them up (Mr. Clean Eraser) and my mom thought they were brand new! That’s why it is always important to keep the sneakers clean and fresh! It isn’t always possible but with these type of Pumas they clean up really well.

These are women shoes. So good job Puma! Keep giving us women some great designs that can equal what you produce for the boys.

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Apr 26

Puma Shoes as Dance ShoesDance is very important to me. I’ve been a salsa dancer for almost 14 years – I teach and have performed. As a woman, I’ve always been forced to dance in heels. It isn’t fun. Sure, they look good but when I dance casually, I have dancing sneakers that I use (maybe I’ll do a post on them although they aren’t Pumas). I also watch a lot of dance shoes on tv (the good ones). I’m watching America’s Best Dance Crew right now and I love seeing their choices in sneakers. There is always a mix of Nike’s, Converse, and Pumas. For many years I danced in a pair of white, cloth, velcro-close Pumas. I wore them so much that they no longer look ‘white’ and the velcro doesn’t always close. They are by far my favorite shoes for dancing.

At one point Puma had shoes that were marketed as ‘aerobic’ or ‘dance’ shoes. I was going to purchase them but then I couldn’t find them. I am not sure if they weren’t successful or just a prototype that they didn’t continue selling. I think it would be a fantastic market for them with the popularity of Zumba these days. For movement on wooden floors though the bottoms need to be non-gripping. That’s why Converse work really well for dancing as their bottoms are smooth. They aren’t slippery but they don’t tend to grip the floor either so you can still turn and spin. Many Pumas work well for this – just depends on the style.

The photo posted was taken at a Cuban dance convention – Pumas were the shoes of choice for many performers.

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Apr 25

Sure, I love Puma shoes. I find them the most comfortable & stylish shoes out there. However, I also have Puma other stuff too. I walk into the Outlet stores often to see what I can pick up for a good deal. So hoodies, sweatshirts, yoga pants, socks, and even bikinis are all items I own. One of the reasons I love Puma is that I always know what will fit. All the pants I have are the same size. I don’t have to worry about trying them on because they are consistent with their sizing. The same goes for the shoes. A size 6 1/2 is always a size 6 1/2. Unlike other brands that vary from one style to another I never have to worry.

Yesterday I wore my pink Crete Mid shoes with my “All you need is [soccer]” sweatshirt. They were both purchased from the Puma outlet store (not at the same time of course). Also, I don’t really wear my pants rolled up – they are rolled up to show off the shoes for the photo. I’d feel like a dork walking around like that. I see some chicks like that but it isn’t really my thing.

It’ll probably come across that pink is my favorite color. I have been trying lately, though, to purchase shoes in other colors but they are really the ones I like best. They tend to match more of my clothes too.

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