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Oct 16

Photo by Puma


Sigh. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m not a model. I’m not even close. I’m short-ish. I’m only 5’4. I’m thick-ish. My legs are not skinny – especially not my calves. Does it bother me? Nope! I am pretty pleased with my looks. I work out. I am in pretty good shape even if I still have 10 lbs or so to lose.

That being said – I sure wish I could wear shoes the way I see models wear shoes. I love the look of hi-tops with shorts. I like seeing models in shorts with the Puma wedges. I like seeing them paired with dresses too. They make it look so cute!!! I can’t.

I recently bought a pair of black Puma leggins. I love them. They are a tad long for me – I could have probably gone a size down – but they are very comfy. I bought these for a couple of reasons but one of the main reasons was to wear them with hi-tops and my one pair of wedges. So I got dressed this past weekend. I had bought a shirt that I felt was long enough for the leggings and wasn’t tight. I finished the outfit with my First Round hi’s. My daughter took a look at me and told me to go change. This is a rare thing. My daughter never tells me this so I figured I had better. I changed into jeans and put on my Evo Speeds as well. I felt bad.

This woman on this page looks so amazing with her wedges. She doesn’t seem that tall in the photos. And she isn’t stick-thin. So why can’t I wear that same outfit and look just as cute? I’m sure it lies somewhere between the size of my thighs (athletic) and age. Right? Let’s all lean towards age shall we?

I do wish I could have Puma come and dress me and fix me up so I could be like the models. I so badly want to wear my hi’s more because I love them. So what other options do I have? Can I just wear them and not care? Sure. Can I just give into my insecurities and only wear them the traditional way with jeans? Yes. I may do both.

Any suggestions??

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2 Responses to “Shocking News: I’m not a model!”

  1. Alissa Says:

    I would look ridiculous too. Maybe Puma should dress both of us? I’m tall, but I’m not super thin, and most of my weight is in my legs/hips/thighs.My advices is that I’ve always thought that flowy tops and tight bottoms are bad on those with thicker athletic legs, because it doesn’t create “balance” and makes us look thicker across the board. It sounds counter intuitive, but I find closer fitting long tops to work better. Like a long t-shirt and a boyfriend cardi since it’s fitted. Kind of like this…but a longer cardi. I have a ton of bf cardi’s from Old Navy and Target.

  2. Alissa Says:

    The link would help: or