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Feb 13

Puma Discs at the GymI first read about Puma Discs in an article by Sneaker Freaker that talked about the world’s craziest sneakers without laces. I had never heard of them and honestly, the first time I saw them, I wondered why anyone would want some. I thought they looked bulky even though the colorway shown was pretty awesome. The one featured was from 1994. In 1994 I was graduating college and getting married to some idiot and moving myself to Maryland. I didn’t know anything about sneakers or shoes (nor could I afford any).

In 2011 Puma re-released the Discs.  In 2012 more styles were shown and they had a collaboration with Ronny Fieg.  The Fieg design sold out fast and is coveted by many sneaker collectors.  There was no way for me to afford that style but for Christmas I was given the white/green style was is available in the stores and online. When I opened the box my kids both said, “Wow! Those are ugly!” as I squealed with delight. I slipped them on immediately and instantly knew why people loved them – they felt like pillows on my feet.  Granted the size was wrong so I had to return them and had to wait anxiously for the new size to arrive.

The Discs aren’t made for women. They come in small sizes so I was able to get a men’s size 5 but it is clear they are definitely sized for men as they are wide. That could be how they are designed because of the wire cage that tightens as you turn the disc. Perhaps I’m not turning it enough or they are just wider than the average shoe. My foot slips around a little bit in them. I try to wear thick socks and turn the discs as much as possible so that doesn’t happen.

I have started wearing the Discs to a bootcamp I’m doing 3 x a week. I have switched between the Discs, the Formlites, and my Faas 250s. The Discs are the best ones so far. During the bootcamp I’m running, jumping, doing pushups, lunges, etc. The wide variety of exercises means I need different types of comfort for my feet and my knees. Especially my knees. The Discs offer everything I need. The downside to the Discs? The rubber part that holds the disc. You can see it circled here. I would really love it if this piece of rubber was softer somehow. When I run it bumps into my foot and is bothersome. I don’t run long distances or anything so it is fine but I’d never suggest anyone use these as a running shoe because of it. Overall though the shoe is perfect for crossing training if you can turn the disc and get a tight fit.

I definitely would like to get another pair of discs. I hate getting my shoes dirty and although I hear these are easy to clean – they will get dirty from the bootcamp. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of options and, as usual, Puma hasn’t made any specifically for women. The colors available (except for the special Fieg release) aren’t exactly “girly colors”. I have been spending some time researching shoes in Japan and I saw that they have excellent colors.

As you can see Japan has a variety of colors. I’m very partial to the pink design because pink is my favorite color. I don’t know if we’ll ever get these colorways in the United States. I hope that Puma realizes that these shoes could be marketed to women easily and that using colors that appeal to women would boost their sales. Maybe I don’t know anything but I know fitness and I know how women think about sneakers. They want to look good at the gym. I notice that each of the women in my bootcamp have shoes that are colorful, bright, and include pink somewhere. No one has asked about my sneakers but I bet if they were pink they would!

Overall the Puma Discs are great shoes. People may find them ugly (I think it was my cousin who commented that they were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shoes) but if they tried them on they would find an incredibly comfortable shoe that is fantastic for cross training.

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5 Responses to “Puma Discs – What’s the Big Deal?”

  1. Alissa Says:

    I kind of like them…especially since they are pink, and I like the mint green too. I have big feet, so I’m curious how they would fit me.

  2. PuraPuma Says:

    Alissa – I want the pink ones but those are in Japan. Rumors are that some new styles should be coming out in the summer. If you have a Puma store near you I bet they still have some in stock. You should try them on. They def fit bigger feet better than smaller ones. I’ve tried 4 different pairs of shoes for my bootcamp and the Discs feel the best! I wouldn’t recommend them for running, tennis, etc.

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