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Mar 31

Today’s post is going to help you figure out which women out there truly are the coolest Chicks in Kicks. There is a big segment of the sneaker world where ‘Chicks in Kicks’ means half-dressed women (or naked) in various sneakers in provacative poses. Thankfully there are numerous females out in social media proving that women can showcase their heat without relying on sex.

Go out and make sure you follow each of these accounts! I have had interactions with all of them and appreciate them. #GirlPower I’ve posted each of their instagram thumbnails but have linked their sites, twitter accounts, etc. in the blurb (click on the thumbnail for a larger version with commentary/links). If there’s another great woman out there everyone should follow please leave a comment!

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3 Responses to “Chicks in Kicks”

  1. fliidigest Says:

    Love it! Thanks!!!

  2. @rayp_photos Says:

    we don’t support any thirst traps in our #SheGotShoeGame hashtag and our article

  3. PuraPuma Says:

    I’m glad to read that. And I know many women will appreciate that. Thank you for reading and commenting!!!