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Sep 09


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I’ve been a bit busy with creating a new website and because of that this site has suffered. Thankfully I’ve been asked by a new site to write some Puma reviews for them. I’m going to keep it under wrap for now until my first review is accepted and published. I’m pretty excited though and thankful that I’ve been asked to do that. Time to dust off the really nice camera, take some great shots of my shoes, and hopefully get some writing published.

Also… 9 days left until the Sophia Chang x Puma release happens. I am impatiently waiting for those pink baskets!

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Nov 30

I have installed a complete forum. All of the previous ones were integrated into WordPress but required a registration with WordPress. Registration is still required but not via WordPress so much easier. The link is on the right under ‘Links” and you can get to it here:  Puma Forum. Thanks for your patience!!

I have found solace in my Puma community on Instagram. We connect from all over the world which is totally cool. Even better, the Puma sales reps and workers get involved. Many bend over backwards to help find shoes or answer questions. It is pretty remarkable. I don’t know if other shoe companies have that or not. I like to think they don’t and we’re special.

A user asked if there were any Puma-only forums for discussions. It is a little hard to have a long running thread on an Instagram photo and links don’t work. So I’ve created a forum here on my site. I’m pretty excited about it and I hope it works well. So far so good. I’m sure there will be tweaks along the way and some hiccups but what could be better than connecting this way?

Registration is required and I’ll be monitoring often to make sure there aren’t trolls or bots. I don’t want it ruined by idiots or people who just want to say that Puma shoes are the worst (I see you all the time on Twitter you fools). So please. Register and talk with us!

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Nov 02

Puma Fitness Contest!

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It seems Pink Dandy Chatter has Puma Fitness down! She knows what she’s doing! As much as I don’t want anyone else entering this contest (I want to win!!!) I decided to blog about it regardless. Because I’m that excited about it. Honestly, pretty much everything I own for working out is Puma. Shoes. Yoga pants. Shirts. I have some great long-sleeve coats/sweatshirts too. I’m a walking advertisement. It would make sense for me to win this contest and continue to advertise for Puma. hahaha. I say that tongue and cheek of course but winning is something I’ve been doing recently. Let’s keep the streak alive.

If you, too, would like to enter the contest – go visit the site and do it today! Quick! Before it ends.

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Jun 21

New Post via My Phone

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First post via my phone – I’m pretty excited!!


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Apr 20

Undefeated Ballistic Rugged Pastels for Puma

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Sigh. What happens when Undefeated releases a new set of beautiful Pumas for spring and they don’t have my size? I get sad. Jealous. Envious. All of that. Look at those colors. Gorgeous. I’ve been watching Undefeated release them on Instagram all week and then I had the link sent to me with “Which would you like for Mother’s Day?”  Sadly… none.

I don’t understand why Undefeated won’t make shoes in sizes for women. Don’t we buy enough? Do men really buy more sneakers than women? And honestly, I don’t know that many men who will buy Pumas in these colors. The man in my house said he’d never wear them – except maybe the gray or orange.

Personally, I would want the yellow or green ones since I already have purple suede Pumas. However, these don’t even come in men’s size 5 (my size).  Please Puma… Undefeated… the powers that be – please consider releasing shoes for women. I was lucky enough to grab the snakeskin ones since they had unisex sizes. I’d purchase these in a heartbeat but it is a sale lost.

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