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Mar 10

Puma Shoes in Miami: Uptown Aventura

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My new Girls of Blaze Discs!
Visit Inside the Sneakerbox today!
Go check out Uptown’s site!

Twitter has been a goldmine for me in terms of connecting with other sneaker and Puma lovers. One of my best, new-ish contacts is Clyde Edwards, aka, SneakerboxClyde. He is the Creative Director Digital Strategist for Uptown Aventura (one of Inside the Sneakerbox’s clients). He also runs his own site where he “helps companies harness, curate and promote their stories about their brands/products”. Needless to say he has a great many shoes from Puma that make me green with envy.

I received my first pair of Puma Discs for Christmas in 2012. They were like walking on air and I kept hoping Puma would release styles for women. The men’s sizes were a bit wide for me and that made them difficult to wear. Soon enough they made the announcement and teamed with Solange Knowles (who worked with designers Gerlan, William Okpo, Hisham Baroocha) to create the Girls of Blaze collection. At the same time, Puma also released their Tropicalia collection with included two cute tropical designs for the discs. What a decision…

I saw that Clyde was posting photos of the collection in connection with the Uptown Aventura store. I have been to Miami quite a few times and, honestly, I need to get back just to visit this store. I was happy to see that they carried many of of Mihara and McQueen designs that are often difficult to find in the states. That is a sign of a quality store. As I decided which disc I wanted to get, I consulted with Clyde. I asked him which style he would choose as a woman. He said the Girls of Blaze just for their originality and how they would stand out. He wasn’t wrong.

Initially I wasn’t floored by the collection but there was one style that did catch my eye. I took the plunge and grabbed that disc. I woke up on a Saturday morning, opened the Uptown’s site with my phone, and made the purchase. It was super easy and I was done before I had to leave for bootcamp at 7:45 am. As I was making my purchase I was so tempted to grab the new wedges by Mihara (totally cute for wedges). For men, the Street Climb III by McQueen is a really cool shoe. These are all designs that are difficult to find elsewhere in the states.

The next time you are looking for a special Puma by one of the great Black Label designers, check out the Uptown. Also be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @uptown_miami. A big thank you to Clyde as well for always being willing to share his opinion and respond to tweets!

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Nov 02

Birthday Pumas

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Happy Birthday to me!

Turning 41 isn’t exactly my idea of a fantastic birthday. I don’t like to think of myself as 41. I don’t feel 41. I don’t really think I look 41. But I’ve come to accept it. Kind of.

Anyway…. I decided to buy myself some Pumas. Big surprise, right? I had found these Pearls on a long time ago. I saw them and wanted them. I love the color, the design on in the insole, and thought they were unique. It wasn’t too long ago though that Puma had announced their Puma Factory. I really want to design my own and order those so I was debating on which direction I should take. Some Puma friends said make my own. Others said to order the Pearls. I finally, obviously, decided on the Pearls. I’ll make my own Pumas soon. Now I just need to find the right shirt/clothes to wear with this mint green color.


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Sep 10

Puma Hunting in the Big Apple

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A couple of weekends ago I was in New York City (NYC) for the day and New Jersey (NJ) for another day. Although I didn’t have a lot of time I still found time to nose around a few stores to see what kind of Pumas were out there in that area. I was surprised at my finds and yet disappointed. The more Pumas I find that I love the more disappointed I become because they are all for men. Sure, I’ve been able to pick up a couple of cute pairs lately that are unique and stylish and different and that makes me happy. But it is when I see something I can’t find online or near me that I really love that gets me frustrated. Anyways, before you move along in the article enjoy the photo of my Ferraris in Central Park as I took a break. The shoes were quite comfortable, however, I am not enjoying the no-show socks. I like how they look, but, the tops of my feet hurt from where the socks do not cover. I need to figure something else out.

Puma California City Pack Let’s start with the new Puma California City Pack available exclusively at Foot Locker. I have written about these before and really wanted to see them in person. I had been searching Foot Locker’s site for quite awhile waiting for them to be available. And there they were in Foot Locker (the one that is across the street from Macy’s on 34th Street). They even had the Puerto Rico ones that I never thought I’d see in person. I stood there ooooing and ahhhing over them and figured I’d just ask what sizes were available. I knew, deep down, that they would only be for men (or women with feet way bigger than mine) but asking never hurts. Much. As expected, the shoes start at a men’s size 8. That’s a size 9 1/2 for women. I really (!!!!) would like the Atlanta shoes. The pinstripes are cool and the colors are great. I love that inside it says ‘Hotlanta’ and has ‘ATL’ on the tab. Not only do I have friends in Atlanta – it is a fantastic place to dance salsa. I would have also liked the Puerto Rico shoes. Alas, it isn’t meant to be. I guess if I’m being honest, I’d also like the Chicago shoe. That one wasn’t in Foot Locker but it is online and I like the style of that shoe as well. I probably should do a post on Pumas I don’t like since that is a far smaller list, right?

The other great find came from Famous Footwear (of all places) in Jersey Gardens. Jersey Gardens is off of exit 14 on the NJ Toll Road and is a half outlet mall, half regular store mall. It is quite large and has a great selection of stores. Their Puma store, however, was horrible. I keep seeing these new-style Puma Outlet stores with horrible selection of shoes. The one I went to in Orlando, Florida was the same way. They don’t have ailes and so few shoes. The majority of shoes tend to be the Ferraris or other Motorsport styles. Anyway, the Munich 1972 shoe that I had only seen on Instagram was in Famous Footwear. I searched their sizes in hopes of even finding a size 6 (it would have been huge but maybe I could have made it work) but only size 8 and up. Again. The lacing on the display shoe was the basket weave which is always striking. I don’t know if I’ll ever take the time to lace my own shoe that way but it is a unique look. I tried to get the husband to buy it but he decided not to purchase it. I believe (I could be wrong) that these have been available in Europe for quite some time. I see that they can now be purchased at Zappos which is really cool.

Finally, I just wanted to shoe the cool Puma soccer cleat I saw at Macy’s. Their selection for women was actually quite good. I was impressed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen soccer cleats at a department store before – let alone in the women’s section. I own Puma soccer cleats and love them – although I don’t wear them that often. If I didn’t have any, I would probably like to purchase these. They have Bolt on them and I are in the Jamaican colors. They are just unique.

It is pretty clear that I didn’t actually buy any Pumas while in NYC. I found the styles for women lacking and just wasn’t inspired. I think that my purchases will all need to be online and at my own Outlet store. I think that Puma is missing out by not releasing a ‘pack’ just for women. And I don’t mean a bunch of pink shoes either. I would love a Clyde pack just for women in unique colors that are available in sizes just for women. Please.

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