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Aug 25

I’m back!

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Well, I took a break from the site for awhile. There were a number of reasons. The biggest was that I started writing for Frixshun Magazine. I was thrilled they asked me to write for them and I was able to turn out a few pieces. Unfortunately, one of the other reasons was just my time. I got so busy that even writing for Frixshun became difficult. I started two new sport sites and those took up the little time I had left. So between working full-time, my kids & their sports schedules, working on two new sites and finding time for myself to workout my time and energy got zapped. Oh, I also added doing social media for my gym.

But I miss being creative. I don’t have a lot of that in my job. I miss writing and creating stories. I considered a whole new site but decided that since I had this I may as well use it. I have quite a few new pairs of Pumas to review and write about so I guess I will start there. I hope you’ll welcome me back with open arms!

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Feb 13

Do Those Come in Sizes for Women? The tiring question…

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No Puma Sizes for Women

UPDATE: I am pleased to say that I was able to find the Alife Silver Pumas shown above in my size. I had to order them from the UK and they definitely weren’t on sale but I have them. Photos and review to come shortly!

You know the drill. I’m sure people get tired of the question. I get tired of asking it and won’t even bother anymore. The fact is Puma doesn’t team up with male designers who release sizes for women. Sophia Chang is a female designer and her collection included men. Why can’t it work the other way around? Ronny Fieg? Alife? BWGH? I have yet to see these collaborations produce shoes for women. Sometimes, they will get released in the UK in the smaller sizes but not in the USA.  When the collaboration between Puma and Anwar Carrots was announced I immediately asked about sizes for women. I loved the design. I was told, flat out, no. They would not be released in smaller sizes. I complained to Carrots and they insisted there would be smaller sizes. I explained what the Puma rep had said and they said it was wrong information. I don’t know who decides on the sizes. Maybe it isn’t Puma. Maybe it isn’t the collaborator. I’d definitely like to know so I can voice my concerns to the right people.

As it turns out I found the Carrots on a random website. They had 1 pair in a “kids” size 5. Yes, it was listed on the kid’s page. Those shoes were not marketed to kids. They weren’t available anywhere on any other site in the kids section. I searched and searched for a pair in my size and none were to be had. I have no idea how that site ended up with a pair but I was happy. They were also on massive sale. I did go back and let Carrots know I must have found the one pair released in my size.

It is frustrating to see release after release that I would be interested in pass me by. Meek Mill just released 24K White/Gold. The ‘white gold’ shoe is amazing and I would love a pair.  No sizes for me. Us women do get releases designed by Solange Knowles. These are not shoes men would wear. They are loud. Bright. Sometimes poorly designed. Sometimes genius. I don’t understand why these are our only options.  In the past two weeks, Puma released a black patent leather Basket. It is really shiny and pretty. I guess they think women wouldn’t want a shoe like that? No options for me.

I think men get tired of hearing women complain about this. I am sure I would if I were a man (probably not). Is it a demand thing? Not enough women want what the boys get? Or are there just enough women with larger feet that they can buy the men’s sizes and shoe brands think that’s good enough? I wish I knew the answer.

Finally, Puma released a shoe dedicated to Walt “Clyde” Frazier. It is shiny gold (similar to their release with UNDFTD a while back). As a huge basketball fan, I would love a pair of these to honor Walt. The box is amazing too. I don’t get the option of purchasing.

I know. You want to tell me to shut up. This is probably why I don’t feel the love from Puma anymore. They are probably sick of me complaining. That’s why they don’t get much money much anymore. I love the brand. I love so many of the shoes. I just want the same option to buy as they guys do.

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Oct 03
frixshun magazine puma chinese new yearpuma blue bird

I was very honored to receive an email from one of the admins for Frixshun Magazine. When Errol contacted me I secretly did a happy dance. Well, maybe it wasn’t so secret because I was at my desk and dancing a bit. But seriously, the team that makes up Frixshun previously ran the website Eat More Shoes which was one of my go-to sites on a weekly basis. Their reviews and history of Pumas was very special. I have always respected Errol and Professor B and their takes on sneakers.

When they asked I was very nerous. I have been asked to write about salsa dancing many times and am very comfortable with doing that because I know so much. But sneakers? Pumas? That’s a whole other thing. While I do consider myself more knowledgeable than the average Puma fan, I knew that I would still have my work cut out for me. My first review was for the Puma Blue Bird – my Holy Grail of shoes.

I am happy to say that so far they have published both reviews. I have another on the way and will be taking photos of my own shoes soon to add to their collection. I would highly recommend heading over to their site to see everything they offer. It isn’t just shoes. It is fashion. Music. Culture. They also have a limited edition Puma Poster for sale that is pretty special.

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Jul 08

Puma Soccer Cleats – New & Exciting

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The best jerseys at the World Cup were made by Puma. I discussed that in my post about Arsenal. Now Puma is set to collaborate with Kith, Colette, Alife, and BAPE for cleats. They are some beautiful cleats. I honestly like the Kith ones the best. A site is suggesting they will be priced at about $300.

EvoSpeec by Puma, Kith, Colette, Alife, and BAPE

EvoSpeed by Puma, Kith, Colette, Alife, and BAPE

EvoSpeed is one of the most respected cleats in football (soccer) and they are just going to look beautiful out there on the field (pitch if you’re from somewhere other than the United States). BAPE is also releaseing a jersey, ball, and maybe some shirts. I can guarantee that when my son sees this soccer ball he will want it. It is mighty cool looking. I’m not a huge fan of anything camo but I have to admit the ball may be a purchase for me.

Visit Hypebeast

Image from Hypebeast

What do you think of the cleats? Will you purchase them? Are they too expensive for the casual soccer player?

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Jul 07

Arsenal and Puma joining forces on the soccer field.[/caption]Have you been watching the World Cup? If you aren’t then you are probably the only one. The Cup has been exciting – so many fantastic games. We were all disappointed USA didn’t do better but their group with Germany, Ghana, and Portugal was probably the toughest group. I thought they did well considering. While watching the games it was clear which countries had the best jerseys – the ones made by Puma. Throughout Twitter people were commenting on how nice they looked. I would have to rate Ghana’s as the best though. I thought their jersey truly captured their culture. If I could find one made for women (Puma, come on!) I would probably buy one even though I really shouldn’t.

Now Puma and Aresenal have come together and the new Arsenal jerseys are great. Some have the opinion that Puma makes their jerseys too tight. Well, techincally they are made for the athletes so they don’t have any troubles with that aspect. However, if you are going to want to wear one I might suggest going up a size if you are worried about fit. They are very form-fitting.

Arsenal football jerseys

Some of my friends have been asking if I’ll become an Arsenal fan now that Puma is making their kits. No. No I won’t. I am not someone who has teams in every league. I’m simply a DC United, Detroit City FC, and Real Madrid fan. So I won’t be purchasing Arsenal gear any time soon. I have heard rumors that my son’s soccer club, FC Virginia, will be sponsored by Puma so that does excite me and I may need to get one of his jerseys in my size.

I think that between the World Cup and Arsenal, Puma may be taking over a bigger chunk of the football sales. Their shoes are already terrific – there were many wearing the pink/blue EvoSpeeds even when their kits weren’t made by Puma. I know that my son loves their cleats the best. Puma and soccer go hand-in-hand and the company seems ready to prove it.

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Jul 10

BioWeb Review by The Running Moron

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My friend is a runner. He didn’t used to be but one day, much like Forrest Gump, he decided to run. He hasn’t stopped since. He’s become an accomplished runner and is well-respected on the Inter-webs for his opinion on shoes, socks, races, and stuff like that which he posts on his page called The Running Moron.  I have been kinda picking at him to try out some Pumas for running. He’s very particular about his shoes and wasn’t familiar with their running sneakers.  He found the BioWebs online for a cheap price and decided to try them out.  He let me know immediately and I waited with baited breath to find out what he thought.  I have never had a chance to try on the BioWebs – never having seen them in any store in my size – so I have no way to compare what he is saying.

Brett’s first impression of the shoe was that it was stiff and heavy. And by heavy we are talking about 1-2 ounces heavier than his regular shoes. He weighed them at 10-11 ozs and his other regular shoes are 9 ozs. Those couple of ounces can make a big difference when you are running 10-20 miles.

I commented that the Mobiums I own encourage a mid-foot strike while running.  Brett said that the mid-foot strike is his style of running and he could tell immediately that the BioWebs would also be like that. One his first run in the shoe he said, “I think I liked them a little better than the first run. They were less stiff and they fit my stride pretty well.”  The plans were to take them out for a couple more runs and a few more miles before settling on a decision.

A few more days passed and he came back with the following comments, “I have three runs and over 10 miles on the Pumas. I think they still need a little more breaking in. A lot of the other shoes I try feel like they come pre-broken in so it’s a little odd to have to put so much effort into these. But I think they’re ok. I could see using them for runs 5 miles or less, but I don’t know about 10 milers or half marathons or anything like that in them. And the shoelaces are too fat!”  I had to laugh at the ‘fat shoelaces’ part considering how us Puma people are forever wanting fat laces for our suedes or Clydes. I do believe that the laces are similar to my Mobium laces and I don’t consider them fat but I can’t compare them to Saucony (his regular running shoe brand).

With this review I think that a long distant runner may not be as impressed with the BioWeb. It sounds as if the Web Cage is a bit stiff although that may be in the design for stability. I have read tweets where people have commented that the shoes hurt their feet. I’m wondering if this is why and if they just break them in a few more times whether the shoe will open up a bit for them.

A big thanks to my friend, Brett, for allowing me to pick his brain on the shoes. Since I try not to run more than 2 miles at any given time it was interesting to hear feedback from a non-Puma person who also has run marathons and weird races like that.  If you are into running I suggest going and checking out The Running Moron on Facebook. He knows his stuff and is very friendly. Go give the page a “Like”.

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Jun 20

One day I was window shopping online for shoes – shocking I know – and I saw the Future Suede Lite on They had the colorway that I wanted and I was about ready to purchase the shoes. Thankfully I have learned to wait a day or two before doing that and the next day the shoes were on for half the price. Excited I added the shoe to my cart immediately. However, by the time I got to checkout the shoe was sold out. I was sad. Mad even because in my opinion the shoe should be mine for a period of time once it is in my cart. Nevertheless I clicked the “try to find it for me” button.

Jump ahead a month or so and I returned from vacation to find a Rue La La box. I couldn’t figure out why I had received it until I opened it and saw the Little Red Bag. Lo and behold they found them for me. I find the shoe very interesting as the materials are new for a ‘suede’.

I new when purchasing the shoe that it wasn’t really suede. I had read that the material is really a type of nylon or something. The stripe is suede but that’s it. They have named it “Future Suede” because the shoe design retains the shape of the 1968 suede. Would I prefer it in suede? Yes. I think it wold look great but otherwise it is beautiful. I love the colors. The mixture of light blue, pink, and yellow are very pretty. Of course I got comments on them the first time I wore them. The shoe pops.

Comfort is not even a question with this shoe. They are like all other Pumas – cushioned and as light as air. I do wish the shoe would have come with a lace option. The laces are light blue like the main part of the shoe but I definitely want to get either yellow or pink laces to match the accents. Fat laces would really enhance the shoe.

At the time of this posting you can find the Future Suede on sale at (I can’t guarantee that if you are reading much after the posting date). I would suggest getting a pair. They have great colors for both women and men.

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May 08
Puma Mobiums
Email Campaign by Puma using two of my Instagram photos (see yellow boxes)

Over the past few months Puma has released some killer shoes for fitness. They had the Formlites. Then they introduced the BioWebs. And most recently their new Mobiums. I really wanted to try the BioWebs. Sure, I was swayed a bit by the look but they seemed like a great crosstrainer.  I do a lot of crosstraining – more so than running – so I’m always interested in the best shoe for the job. My Formlites are pretty comfy but I prefer them more for running than crosstraining just because of how the sole hits the floor.

I started using my Puma Discs for my bootcamp and I really like them. They are comfy and have a lot of cushion for the jumping I do. However, they tend to be a little wide on my foot so during certain exercises they feel like they will fall off. I twist and twist to get them snug but because they are created for men they don’t fit as snug as I would like. One day, I was twisting away and my disc broke. It won’t catch anymore so I couldn’t tighten it.  Puma, of course, did my solid and replaced the discs and also included a gift card.  I was thrilled so I went right out and bought the Mobiums. The colorways are exciting and I was really interested to see what this elastic band was all about.

When I first slipped on the Mobiums I wasn’t sure what to think. I felt like my arches were falling in and that there was pressure on the insides of my shins. They had a ton of cushion though so I figured they’d be fine.  I can’t say I was impressed after my first time out. I have a tendancy to run heel-to-toe. I know that all the running geniuses out there will tell me I’m doing it wrong and what not but that’s how I run. I don’t tend to plant with my mid-sole.  The Mobiums will help you run that way if you want to change how you run.  After my bootcamp my shins did ache a bit. I was worried I was going to have shin splints after wearing the shoes but knew that one time out wasn’t enough to decide.

I have asked around to some others who bought them Mobiums. One person reported that they hurt his feet a lot while his girlfriend reported loving them. I think how you run determines how they feel. For those of us who are old school heel-to-toe runners they will not feel that comfortable. I have found that when I plant with the mid-sole part of my foot that they feel better. I probably run better as well. They are definitely very comfortable for bootcamp and jumping and landing in them is great. My Instagram friend Cici does pole vaulting in track and she found that they are great for that.

I haven’t found a good review by a dedicated runner on these shoes. I’ve looked. A lot.  I have seen many reviews of the shoes by people who haven’t even worn them. I find that curious because it seems you would need to put in a few miles in the shoe before making a determination on the band and form of the shoe. I haven’t put in a lot of miles in them (maybe 5 – I hate running long distances) and I like them. I think that if you’re looking for a running shoe with a lot of cushion and you’re willing to break in the shoe and plant mid-sole then this is the shoe for you. Also – you’ll look good and no matter what anyone says – we all want to look good while working out.

Finally – a really big thank you to Puma (thanks Katie!!) for 1 – the replacement of the discs. Their customer service is top notch! 2 – for using two of my Instagram photos in their newest email campaign for the Mobiums. It is very cool to open an email and see your photos included.  This is one of the main reasons I like Puma as a brand. They are connected to their customers and they really try hard to make you happy. Now if they could just release the leopard print suedes here in the states I’d be so happy!

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Feb 27

I haven’t been around much. I haven’t been posting my shoes to Instagram. I haven’t been interacting on Twitter. I haven’t even updated this site or logged into the forum.  I’m not one to let negativity get to me but I had to walk away for a little bit. Twitter is an interesting place. You can find people that love what you love. Hate what you hate. Hate what you love and love what you hate. The key is to find people to follow (and who hopefully will follow back) that will be kind, funny, interesting, without always having to agree with you. It can take awhile to build that type of timeline. On Instagram the hate only comes out if you comment on certain accounts. I haven’t found hate there that is directed to me. People can choose to like a photo or not like a photo or unfollow me. I haven’t received hateful comments there so I’m still there.

For awhile I’d go through Twitter and find references to people who had just purchased Pumas, had questions about them, etc. I found it fun to see all the different styles people liked. I enjoyed seeing new releases and reading stories on different sites about those releases. Unfortunately, if you tweet wrong or have an opinion on other brands, the haters come out. It has been  now three or four times that I have been told my shoes are all a bunch of sh!t. I’m always told this by Nike lovers but the last one was by a true shoe collector who has a lot of Pumas. I guess that one bothered me the most. I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion on the new LeBron Corks that were just released (and now re-selling for $800-$1200). His response to me not liking them was to say all my recent shoes were sh!t. Juvenile, right? All of that on top of the egos I find elsewhere in regards to Puma shoes and other brands just left a bad taste in my mouth. Why bother?

On top of the hate directed at my shoe collection, the repeated unavailability of Puma shoes has been getting to me. The new Biowebs come out – I’d like to try them on but can’t. They aren’t sold anywhere near me. There are new Mobium shoes out. The Puma store near me has told me they won’t receive them in the store. Again – I can’t try them on so I won’t buy them online. I was told to expect some Biowebs but they never arrived.  There are new, really cool releases coming up but no sizes for women. The women get new releases in the form of wedges.  I get it – wedges are the new thing. But I don’t want all my sneakers to be wedges. I have one pair – that’s enough for me. So I’m left with styles that are nice but not really what I want. The new Munsters are out and they are kinda cool looking but they aren’t Suedes. They aren’t Clydes. I am left to search out Ebay or Amazon or 6pm for Clydes in my size. I won’t ever get a new  release because I can’t afford them once they get put on Ebay. I’m not about spending $100-200 on one pair of sneakers.

All of this combined hasn’t made me very excited about Pumas or shoes lately.  I honestly don’t care if someone hates my collection because they aren’t wearing them. I think I have some really awesome shoes and they are all pretty unique. I was on a Puma high for a few months and have come down off of it. I’ve even started going to Atmos Tokyo to search out shoes to get my high back but honestly can’t afford them at $120-$220.  I know. This is such a first world problem isn’t it?  Maybe the passion will return if I see if Puma starts marketing a little more to women and to the Washington DC area.  I’d be happy just seeing a release of something really special that includes women – not just men.  Eventually I’ll go back to Twitter too.  I’ll reduce my following list and hopefully remove some of the haters. I already blocked the fool who cursed out my shoes.  I had hoped the forum would take off a bit but it didn’t. It isn’t a big deal but I really did like the interaction.

I’ll be back soon. I’m sure of it.

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Jan 07

Puma City Snow BootOne of the gems sent to me from Puma was the City Snow Boot for women. I like that Puma is slowly moving towards more shoes/boots for winter. Although the boots I have are a few years old I like that the newer styles are designed for winter not just fashion. This boot is no exception.

Many winter boots like these can look pretty boring or manly. Granted, they are for winter and the snow but there’s nothing wrong with being cute while being warm. I had originally worn these around the house a bit when I first got them. The faux fur was so inviting that I had to slip them on immediately. They are Comfy with a capital C. I have had an issue trying to find boots like these that have some comfort. The last pair I had (brand escapes me at the moment) just killed my feet. I would wear them while going sledding with the kids and wanted to just rip my feet off. A couple of years ago I picked up a pair of Merrel’s but never had a chance to wear them as we didn’t get any significant snow last winter.

Cue the snow!  It snowed enough that I needed to go out and shovel. I put on the Merrel’s because I honestly didn’t want to mess up the Pumas. I re-thought that because what good are they if I can’t wear them for their intended purposes? So I grabbed them and changed into them. I hadn’t yet protected them but wouldn’t be outside long.

My feet stayed warm. My feet stayed dry.The snow was very slushy as rain had started to fall and I figured my feet would end up wet because so many boots promise protection from the but few deliver.  I’m not sure I would wear these sledding as they don’t come up very high but for going to the store, shoveling, walking around, etc. they are a great snow shoe. I also wouldn’t worry about slipping because the sole has a lot of grip. Other features: leather upper, soft insole, cushioning, and adorable faux fur. If you’re looking for a snow boot that is also cute I would highly recommend the City Snow Boot – especially if you live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of deep snow (Puma does sell boots that come higher so those would be better for deeper snow). The boot comes in oatmeal, black, and brown (on they also come in suede as Antique Bronze).

Where to buy:


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