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May 16

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I believe I spent the better part of 2013 begging Puma to release discs for women. I loved the pairs I purchased but the men’s sizes ran a bit wide. The wider size required me turning the disc the entire way to get a good fit. I knew that if they would design styles for women that they’d fit me perfectly. I like to think Puma listened to me as 2014 has been an incredible year for the discs. This post will focus on two releases although has a number of new styles for women and they are all really great looking.

The first release was the Blaze of Glory: Women. Puma hired Solange Knowles as Creative Consultant for this line. Solange, as well as three other designers, produced a collection full of color. I can honestly say there is not another collection out there in the sneaker world that is quite like this one. The other designers involved were Gerlan Jeans, William Okpo, and Hisham Bharoocha. I can’t say that each of the designs works for me. I generally prefer just two or three colors on one shoe and two of the designs just had too much going on. One style stood out from the rest and that is the one featured in the image gallery – “Tire”. The color-blocking on this shoe works well and the sole design is very cute and eye-catching.

The next release was the Tropicalia collection. Puma’s whole Tropicalia line is superb. The colors, the patterns, and the styles available are all beautiful. At first I couldn’t decide if I should get one of the Blaze of Glory discs or a Tropicalia. Thankfully my kids bought me the Tropicalia for Mother’s Day so problem solved. The style showcased in the image gallery is a white/teal combination. I really love it. In fact, it seems many do because that image went viral on Instagram and received 400 likes. Crazy. The shoe also comes in a black/pink combination that is also really nice (and probably better if you’re worried about getting the white dirty like me).

I have reviewed the discs in the past but let me just comment on how comfortable these shoes are. They are almost like pillows for your feet. I would highly recommend these for anyone who needs to be on their feet all day. If you need a wider shoe these are also a great choice. You control the fit by turning the disc so if you’d like to keep them wider that isn’t a problem.

I can’t wait to see what other styles Puma releases in the future. Right now on the site they have some great colorways that are more basic – black, magenta, etc. If you’re looking for something a little less flashy those would be a great choice.

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Apr 04

I remember when Puma first unveiled these Slipstream Animals. I wanted them immediately. I love animal print on shoes and I had missed out on the leopard print suedes from Japan and didn’t want to miss out on these. When the time came for Puma to release them I was excited that they were in my size. Unfortunately, for me, I didn’t have the money to buy them right when they came out. By the time I did have the money, they were sold out in my size. THANK YOU Puma for making these available in sizes for women. Your female sneaker fans appreciate it.

So I held a small pity party for myself and purchased the Animal Suedes in purple which are also beautiful shoes. I still checked my regular sites for my sizes and finally, one day on, I got lucky. They had more in my size! I purchased them immediately.

The shoes run large – at least for me in a men’s size 5. I will have to remember to wear thicker socks or maybe even two pairs with these. I won’t be able to wear these for a long day because of the width but for those who have wider feet these will be comfortable. The sole is great and the look of them? Outstanding. The animal “fur” is so nice. It is soft and you can still see the print in detail from a distance. It has quality leather and the tongue… the tongue is outstanding. I always lace my shoes up all the way – even my mids. It is just more comfortable to me. There is just no way laces should go over the tongue of this shoe. You can see from my closeup how great it is.

Overall I am super happy with the quality of the shoe. The Slipstream Animals were worth the wait (the best ones are).

Also in the photos: Puma running hoodie (lightweight & so comfortable) and Puma leggings in black.

Still want a pair for yourself? You can find them on sale (larger sizes only at: (in a beautiful teal color)

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Apr 03

The New Release Wait

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The other day as I was perusing Twitter I found a post by Ugly Mely on a new release from Puma – the Monochrome 3-Pack for women. I flipped. The shoes are gorgeous. On top of that they are made for women. Suedes designed for women. Finally! So I posted the shoe on Instagram to ask about a release here in the USA. I was told the first of April. So here I wait. Look at this beautiful baby blue!!

Thank you Ugly Mely

This past year has seen some really nice releases by Puma. However, more times than not, those releases are for men. I loved the R698 collaboration with BWGH but there were no sizes for me (anywhere). Right now on there are new suedes in honor of the World Cup – Brazil. I love them. Again, no sizes for me.

This is why I was so excited for this Monochrome pack. Pretty pink. Baby blue. Sweet yellow. And here I wait. Each day I check the sites mentioned. Each day I sigh wondering when my pink shoes will come to me.

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Mar 31

Today’s post is going to help you figure out which women out there truly are the coolest Chicks in Kicks. There is a big segment of the sneaker world where ‘Chicks in Kicks’ means half-dressed women (or naked) in various sneakers in provacative poses. Thankfully there are numerous females out in social media proving that women can showcase their heat without relying on sex.

Go out and make sure you follow each of these accounts! I have had interactions with all of them and appreciate them. #GirlPower I’ve posted each of their instagram thumbnails but have linked their sites, twitter accounts, etc. in the blurb (click on the thumbnail for a larger version with commentary/links). If there’s another great woman out there everyone should follow please leave a comment!

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Mar 10

Puma Shoes in Miami: Uptown Aventura

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My new Girls of Blaze Discs!
Visit Inside the Sneakerbox today!
Go check out Uptown’s site!

Twitter has been a goldmine for me in terms of connecting with other sneaker and Puma lovers. One of my best, new-ish contacts is Clyde Edwards, aka, SneakerboxClyde. He is the Creative Director Digital Strategist for Uptown Aventura (one of Inside the Sneakerbox’s clients). He also runs his own site where he “helps companies harness, curate and promote their stories about their brands/products”. Needless to say he has a great many shoes from Puma that make me green with envy.

I received my first pair of Puma Discs for Christmas in 2012. They were like walking on air and I kept hoping Puma would release styles for women. The men’s sizes were a bit wide for me and that made them difficult to wear. Soon enough they made the announcement and teamed with Solange Knowles (who worked with designers Gerlan, William Okpo, Hisham Baroocha) to create the Girls of Blaze collection. At the same time, Puma also released their Tropicalia collection with included two cute tropical designs for the discs. What a decision…

I saw that Clyde was posting photos of the collection in connection with the Uptown Aventura store. I have been to Miami quite a few times and, honestly, I need to get back just to visit this store. I was happy to see that they carried many of of Mihara and McQueen designs that are often difficult to find in the states. That is a sign of a quality store. As I decided which disc I wanted to get, I consulted with Clyde. I asked him which style he would choose as a woman. He said the Girls of Blaze just for their originality and how they would stand out. He wasn’t wrong.

Initially I wasn’t floored by the collection but there was one style that did catch my eye. I took the plunge and grabbed that disc. I woke up on a Saturday morning, opened the Uptown’s site with my phone, and made the purchase. It was super easy and I was done before I had to leave for bootcamp at 7:45 am. As I was making my purchase I was so tempted to grab the new wedges by Mihara (totally cute for wedges). For men, the Street Climb III by McQueen is a really cool shoe. These are all designs that are difficult to find elsewhere in the states.

The next time you are looking for a special Puma by one of the great Black Label designers, check out the Uptown. Also be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter at @uptown_miami. A big thank you to Clyde as well for always being willing to share his opinion and respond to tweets!

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Oct 16

Photo by Puma


Sigh. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m not a model. I’m not even close. I’m short-ish. I’m only 5’4. I’m thick-ish. My legs are not skinny – especially not my calves. Does it bother me? Nope! I am pretty pleased with my looks. I work out. I am in pretty good shape even if I still have 10 lbs or so to lose.

That being said – I sure wish I could wear shoes the way I see models wear shoes. I love the look of hi-tops with shorts. I like seeing models in shorts with the Puma wedges. I like seeing them paired with dresses too. They make it look so cute!!! I can’t.

I recently bought a pair of black Puma leggins. I love them. They are a tad long for me – I could have probably gone a size down – but they are very comfy. I bought these for a couple of reasons but one of the main reasons was to wear them with hi-tops and my one pair of wedges. So I got dressed this past weekend. I had bought a shirt that I felt was long enough for the leggings and wasn’t tight. I finished the outfit with my First Round hi’s. My daughter took a look at me and told me to go change. This is a rare thing. My daughter never tells me this so I figured I had better. I changed into jeans and put on my Evo Speeds as well. I felt bad.

This woman on this page looks so amazing with her wedges. She doesn’t seem that tall in the photos. And she isn’t stick-thin. So why can’t I wear that same outfit and look just as cute? I’m sure it lies somewhere between the size of my thighs (athletic) and age. Right? Let’s all lean towards age shall we?

I do wish I could have Puma come and dress me and fix me up so I could be like the models. I so badly want to wear my hi’s more because I love them. So what other options do I have? Can I just wear them and not care? Sure. Can I just give into my insecurities and only wear them the traditional way with jeans? Yes. I may do both.

Any suggestions??

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Aug 23

Purple Unicorn Planet – Inspiring!!

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Thanks to the Sneaker Museum I read a great article about a couple of gals in the UK who are pushing Nike (and other sneaker companies) to make more special releases and designs in sizes for women. Their whole site is dedicated to sneakers that they love but don’t come in sizes for women. For those who know me, I have been hushed and told to stop whining more than once about certain Pumas that don’t come in my size. I have a small foot (Men’s size 5) and before I really started to get hooked I didn’t realize so few releases came in sizes for women. This reality first hit me when Undefeated released their Microdot Puma Clyde. It seemed unfair that such a cute shoe would be released for only men. I’ve since followed some of the releases by Undefeated and this is common for them. I don’t know if it is their decision or a Puma decision or somewhere in the middle. It happened again with the Puma Denim States. I was very blown away as I had a Puma rep who was doing everything to find one in my size. Wouldn’t you know that I found a men’s size 4 in my outlet store? Alas it was just too small.

These ladies are doing good work. They, too, are dismayed at shoes for women being in purple and pink. Ok, yes, I love me some pink shoes but I also love the teal Animal suede that was just released (I can’t find it in my size except in Japan but don’t have $100 to drop on it). I loved the Microdot.

So when I find a release or a style that I think women would love but that is not available in women’s sizes I will be posting that here with a special tag (to be determined). You’ll be able to share that and alert Puma that women would like that shoe in their sizes as well.

Oh – and go visit Purple Unicorn Planet and share a photo with the #pleasejustdoit hashtag!

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Jun 20

One day I was window shopping online for shoes – shocking I know – and I saw the Future Suede Lite on They had the colorway that I wanted and I was about ready to purchase the shoes. Thankfully I have learned to wait a day or two before doing that and the next day the shoes were on for half the price. Excited I added the shoe to my cart immediately. However, by the time I got to checkout the shoe was sold out. I was sad. Mad even because in my opinion the shoe should be mine for a period of time once it is in my cart. Nevertheless I clicked the “try to find it for me” button.

Jump ahead a month or so and I returned from vacation to find a Rue La La box. I couldn’t figure out why I had received it until I opened it and saw the Little Red Bag. Lo and behold they found them for me. I find the shoe very interesting as the materials are new for a ‘suede’.

I new when purchasing the shoe that it wasn’t really suede. I had read that the material is really a type of nylon or something. The stripe is suede but that’s it. They have named it “Future Suede” because the shoe design retains the shape of the 1968 suede. Would I prefer it in suede? Yes. I think it wold look great but otherwise it is beautiful. I love the colors. The mixture of light blue, pink, and yellow are very pretty. Of course I got comments on them the first time I wore them. The shoe pops.

Comfort is not even a question with this shoe. They are like all other Pumas – cushioned and as light as air. I do wish the shoe would have come with a lace option. The laces are light blue like the main part of the shoe but I definitely want to get either yellow or pink laces to match the accents. Fat laces would really enhance the shoe.

At the time of this posting you can find the Future Suede on sale at (I can’t guarantee that if you are reading much after the posting date). I would suggest getting a pair. They have great colors for both women and men.

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May 08
Puma Mobiums
Email Campaign by Puma using two of my Instagram photos (see yellow boxes)

Over the past few months Puma has released some killer shoes for fitness. They had the Formlites. Then they introduced the BioWebs. And most recently their new Mobiums. I really wanted to try the BioWebs. Sure, I was swayed a bit by the look but they seemed like a great crosstrainer.  I do a lot of crosstraining – more so than running – so I’m always interested in the best shoe for the job. My Formlites are pretty comfy but I prefer them more for running than crosstraining just because of how the sole hits the floor.

I started using my Puma Discs for my bootcamp and I really like them. They are comfy and have a lot of cushion for the jumping I do. However, they tend to be a little wide on my foot so during certain exercises they feel like they will fall off. I twist and twist to get them snug but because they are created for men they don’t fit as snug as I would like. One day, I was twisting away and my disc broke. It won’t catch anymore so I couldn’t tighten it.  Puma, of course, did my solid and replaced the discs and also included a gift card.  I was thrilled so I went right out and bought the Mobiums. The colorways are exciting and I was really interested to see what this elastic band was all about.

When I first slipped on the Mobiums I wasn’t sure what to think. I felt like my arches were falling in and that there was pressure on the insides of my shins. They had a ton of cushion though so I figured they’d be fine.  I can’t say I was impressed after my first time out. I have a tendancy to run heel-to-toe. I know that all the running geniuses out there will tell me I’m doing it wrong and what not but that’s how I run. I don’t tend to plant with my mid-sole.  The Mobiums will help you run that way if you want to change how you run.  After my bootcamp my shins did ache a bit. I was worried I was going to have shin splints after wearing the shoes but knew that one time out wasn’t enough to decide.

I have asked around to some others who bought them Mobiums. One person reported that they hurt his feet a lot while his girlfriend reported loving them. I think how you run determines how they feel. For those of us who are old school heel-to-toe runners they will not feel that comfortable. I have found that when I plant with the mid-sole part of my foot that they feel better. I probably run better as well. They are definitely very comfortable for bootcamp and jumping and landing in them is great. My Instagram friend Cici does pole vaulting in track and she found that they are great for that.

I haven’t found a good review by a dedicated runner on these shoes. I’ve looked. A lot.  I have seen many reviews of the shoes by people who haven’t even worn them. I find that curious because it seems you would need to put in a few miles in the shoe before making a determination on the band and form of the shoe. I haven’t put in a lot of miles in them (maybe 5 – I hate running long distances) and I like them. I think that if you’re looking for a running shoe with a lot of cushion and you’re willing to break in the shoe and plant mid-sole then this is the shoe for you. Also – you’ll look good and no matter what anyone says – we all want to look good while working out.

Finally – a really big thank you to Puma (thanks Katie!!) for 1 – the replacement of the discs. Their customer service is top notch! 2 – for using two of my Instagram photos in their newest email campaign for the Mobiums. It is very cool to open an email and see your photos included.  This is one of the main reasons I like Puma as a brand. They are connected to their customers and they really try hard to make you happy. Now if they could just release the leopard print suedes here in the states I’d be so happy!

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Apr 10


So spring has finally decided to show up. After a March that gave my state more snowfall than the rest of the winter, I am happy to say that the sun is out, the temperature is warm, and I can finally put away the heavy clothes and see what summer clothes fit.  Of course, this means fresh shoes for spring. I haven’t bought many shoes lately as I’ve been trying to save money.  I have a one-day trip to Boston planned and I plan on doing some shopping while there.

Some of the latest releases from Puma include the BioWeb and the Mobium. These are both athletic / training shoes. The BioWebs initially sold out quickly. I know that a guy at my gym said he desperately wanted some and couldn’t find any (I hooked him up with where to shop – of course).  I purchased the Mobiums myself and have been training in them (review to come).  Puma also continued their release of wedges for women. I don’t know that I would have ever bought the wedges if I hadn’t received some to review for Puma. I love the new colors they have out though. This pink/cream/peach colorway is super cute and would match a ton of my outfits. I just don’t have the $100 to drop on them. They are also introducing these wedge sandals (The Madeira’s).  At first glance I didn’t care for them but I honestly think they’d be really cute with the right outfit. I’m not sure if I’d like the mesh but if someone wanted to gift these to me I wouldn’t complain.

I was also the recipient of a great pair of First Rounds from AWOL. They had a pair that had been in their store for quite awhile. On Instagram they offered the pair for free to whoever could come and pick it up.  I couldn’t exactly get to Boston for that pick up but thankfully they were kind enough to ship them to me. They are a 1/2 size to big for me but since my daughter’s foot grew they fit her perfectly.  Thanks again AWOL – I’ll be visiting in Boston and hope you’ll have some Pumas in my size.

One of my constant complaints is that there aren’t sizes for women in the shoes I really want.  I was told recently to just be quiet about that complaint (in a much harsher way).  I guess it is easy for someone to tell me to shut it when they can find the special releases in their size. I desperately want some Discs in my own size.  The men’s size 5 fits me but runs wide (normal for the shoes I buy in men’s sizes).  There aren’t Clyde’s for women very often. And the Future Suede Lites that were just released didn’t come in smaller sizes.  I’m being patient though as I saw snapshots of some suede colorways for women that are great. *twiddling thumbs*  I’ve honestly decided that I just need to focus on other styles from Puma because I’ll never be able to purchase the shoes I want in my size.

I have picked up some Puma tanks for working out as well as a Puma soccer shirt.  The soccer shirt was for men but thankfully a size small fit me perfectly.  I may need more workout pants as well.  I’m waiting for the next great sale at the Outlet store so I can be set for summer workouts. 

Finally, one of the latest shoes I bought were for my daughter. She had seen the Rudolf Dassler ballerina flats in the main Puma store. I broke down and purchased them at the Outlet when she got A+’s on her math tests. I have never owned a pair of Puma flats or ballerinas before. They really aren’t my style but when I slipped those shoes on to test them out – wow. Total comfort.  The padding is amazing and the front part of the shoe doesn’t cut off at my toes.  Well done Dassler/Puma – well done.

For the summer I’m looking forward to saving up for another pair of Discs, suedes, and buying a special pair from Japan. The leapord print came and went from Japan and it made me sad. I keep wishing I could find a pair but I’ve looked online numerous times and they just aren’t available.

What are you looking to purchase this summer?  Any special styles?

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