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About Pura Puma

I was asked the other day, “Is there really an audience for a site dedicated to Puma?” I’m not really sure but I love Puma and figured there must be others out there. I don’t necessarily consider myself a ‘collector’ although the people in my household may tell a different story. So what can you expect?

  • Sharing of my own shoes and why I love them
  • Searching out unique Pumas from around the world
  • Hopefully interviews with collectors
  • Featuring of new products

Thanks for reading!!

One Response to “About Pura Puma”

  1. jermaine wu jones Says:

    I dk a collector and if you want to interview me you can. I have some new ones coming so I hate to take pics until they arrive. I’m on vacation right now. Just send me an email and I will help out all I can.

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